No Wife Required!
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No Wife Required!

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SIMPLY THE BESTShe wanted a husband…Lacey West's biological clock wasn't so much ticking as sounding alarm bells


Added to which he seemed to think Lacey was just male bait, that she went through men like coffee

And then Max Jarvis moved in to her apartment block

As far as he was concerned, a ring and a piece of paper didn't prove anything his parents' disastrous marriage had taught him that

He'd accused her of being a temptation no man could resist but, if that was the case, why wouldn't he give in SIMPLY THE BEST. Rebecca Winters writes from the heart

Mostly she makes me care. Debbie Macomber

She has the ability to make me laugh or cry

Six feet two inches of prime bachelor the perfect male, except for one thing He didn't need a wife!Max wasn't in the market for marriage